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"4.26 World Intellectual Property Day", Harris technology advocates innovative culture and respects intellectual property

intellectual property rightIt refers to the exclusive right that people enjoy in accordance with the law on their intellectual achievements. It is usually the exclusive right or exclusive right that the state grants to the creators for their intellectual achievements in a certain period of time.

intellectual property rightIn essence, it is a kind of intangible property right. Its object is intellectual achievement or knowledge product, an intangible property or intangible spiritual wealth, and a labor achievement created by creative intellectual labor. It is the same as the tangible property such as houses and cars, which are protected by national laws and have value and use value.

four point two six世界intellectual property right日The existence of this festival is to call on all enterprises and individuals to establish the awareness of respecting knowledge, advocating science and technology and protecting knowledge products all over the world, and create and encourage scientific and technological innovation to promote the prosperity and development of the country.

respectintellectual property rightIs it difficult?

For some enterprises, it is difficult because it is related to interests; For other enterprises, it's not difficult. As long as they stick to their heart and principles, they can do it.

Harris TechnologyAs an enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of air tightness testing industry, it has been advocating & amp; ldquo; Make products with heart, make brand with information & amp; rdquo;。 Therefore,Harris TechnologyEach product created and produced has its own appearance patent and utility patent. This is very rare and valuable for the field of air tightness testing which is not standardized in the market. In addition to patent certification,海瑞思科技We have also applied for the certification of many professional organizations for our products to ensure that the quality of production is safe and qualified.

In the national policy of invigorating the country through science and technology, China is required to respect knowledge and advocate science. And the rejuvenation of the country by science and technology must be carried out知识产权Protection, if not知识产权The protected scientific and technological achievements of enterprises can not be protected, which will damage the interests of enterprises. Second, there is a lack of respect知识产权These enterprises will obtain very high benefits at a very small cost, making them lack of motivation in scientific and technological innovation. This kind of enterprise phenomenon will cause a major blow to the national policy of rejuvenating the country through science and technology. and海瑞思科技respect知识产权In the innovation road has been going on, which indicates that the enterprise can have a long-term development future.

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