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Start engineering, start sailing in 2019~

& ldquo; The atmosphere of the new year is not yet full, but the new journey has begun. The dreams that have not yet come true, the distant places that have not yet arrived, and the colorful dreams wake us up to come back full of blood and embark on a new journey.

On the tenth day of the lunar new year,

Let's go!

Today is Valentine's day,

Here we go~~~

What we need is:

& ldquo; You Nong, I Nong, everybody Nong& amp; rdquo;

When the family members of Harris technology step into the company's door,

Festive & amp; ldquo; Red & amp; rdquo; Come on!

& middot; Positive & amp; middot; Text & amp; middot; Come on & amp; middot; LA & amp; middot;

In the Spring Festival holiday, reunite with family, full of energy! On the first day of construction, the & amp; ldquo; Xiaojia & amp; rdquo; Return & amp; ldquo; Everybody & amp; rdquo;, The biggest power, only benefit is! Welcome the new year of 2019 with joy and surprise!

The growth of the company is inseparable from the customers of Hercules technology. Hercules technologists bow for the customers, appreciate the existence of each customer, and their families receive & amp; one by one; ldquo; Li Bao is a red envelope & amp; rdquo;, Start the journey of the new year in the strong atmosphere of the new year.

In 2019, we are all dreamers!

In the new year,

Harris technology will continue to,

Forge ahead in the air tightness testing industry!

Finally, with all his family

I wish you all the best

2019,& ldquo; Pig & amp; rdquo; Everything goes well!

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