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Mid autumn birthday party | affectionate September, the best wishes want to give you

Birthday mid autumn double celebration

Family reunion

When the birthday party meets the Mid Autumn Festival

The air is full of happiness

Bright moon family, full of Mid Autumn Festival, in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, Harris technology held a mid autumn birthday party. Let's get together and have a rest in our busy work to welcome the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the birthday of our little friends in July, August and September.

At 11:30 a.m., the activity officially started. Exquisite birthday cakes and various kinds of fruit snacks were prepared to set off the warm atmosphere of the activity.

The delicious food is ready and the beautiful gifts are ready~

With the familiar melody, everyone sang "happy birthday song" to celebrate the birthday of the birthday stars.

Only wish

Every year has today

Every year has its present

Our friends of Harris Technology

Happy birthday!

Eighteen forever

~Looking for a golden time to celebrate your birthday and meet in mid autumn~

Mid autumn festival gifts for Harris family

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