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Harris technology's colorful may birthday party

All spring, summer, autumn and winter,

May is the most beautiful,

The rain in April washes the sky in May,

The sky is blue without dust;

Thin red and fat green mountains and rivers,

Just to the point

On the afternoon of May 31, in the most beautiful may, I met the employee's birthday party, moved and warm, leaving unforgettable memories. As in the past month, the birthday stars from all departments gather together, and the company's employees send birthday wishes to the birthday stars of that month.

Let's review the warm moment with Xiaohai~

& ldquo; Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you & amp; hellip;& amp; hellip;& amp; rdquo;, With the familiar birthday song, the two birthday stars came down to the cake and made wishes. The birthday stars were smiling happily in the mutual blessing; hellip;& amp; hellip;

Delicious cakes and fruits, sincere blessings, hearty laughter and warm smiling faces are all deeply recorded in the camera lens and fixed in the memory of every employee.

Finally, how can we forget the personnel who can't leave the operation post for the time being, and everyone has sent cakes and fruits to all the employees of the company to feel the joy. Everyone is smiling, recording this happy moment ~ the birthday party has come to a successful end in a warm and happy atmosphere. Although the time is short, it brings us endless warmth and moving, so that we can move forward with hope and happiness in every day in the future.

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