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New CNC lathe to assist the production of tooling and die for leakage detector

Due to the great increase in the shipment of hermetic leakage tester of Harris technology this year, in order to cope with the monthly delivery of tooling and die, the original production line feels more pressure. For this reason, Harris technology decided to further expand production to meet the production demand. In the early stage, it mainly increased production machinery. In the middle stage, it will open a new production line. In the later stage, it will increase production workshops to ensure the efficient production and rapid delivery of hermetic leakage tester. Therefore, this time we decided to add two CNC lathes to assist the production of tooling and die of leakage detector.


Arrival site of CNC lathe

Since last year, the number of customers' orders has risen sharply, and every employee of Harris technology has been actively engaged in production, creating 12 sets of non-standard tightness detectorsthreeThe outstanding achievements of Tiantian's successful delivery have won the good reputation of hermetic testing technology solutions and equipment suppliers. I would like to thank all employees of Harris technology. Your professionalism, concentration and efficiency are the greatest spiritual wealth of Harris technology.


Installation site of CNC lathe


Debugging site of CNC lathe

Heresis also thanks:oppo, Huawei, Foxconn, Logitech, sannuo digital, Dajiang, Xinli, Yanan electronics, Bowen, Desai Xiwei, BYD, haoen automobile, tianfulide, Tongwei and other cooperative customers. Thank you for your trust and support. Harris technology will live up to your expectations, adhere to high quality and efficiency, maintain the best response speed and service attitude, and invest in production and R & D.

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