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Special issue of March 8 goddess Festival

To celebrate the 109th International & amp; ldquo; 38 & amp; rdquo; Women's Day is to promote the physical and mental health of female employees of Shenzhen Harris technology, show the healthy, civilized and happy spirit of female employees, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of female employees for happy work and happy life. Shenzhen Harris technology sent Festival blessings to female employees on March 8, 2018, and organized the 2018 & amp; ldquo; 38 & amp; rdquo; Women's Day activities.

For this special festival

I know your shows are all a bunch

It's too rich to want

Do you want to know how we all celebrate the festival?

Let's have a look!

Early in the morning, the company carefully prepared flowers and sent holiday greetings and condolence products to every female employee.

At this time, nothing is more beautiful than your smile!

Next, Hercules technology carefully prepared for the female workers a tour of Shenzhen ocean garden.

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