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In depth analysis of the development trend of air tightness tester used in waterproof test and sealing test of products

It is not only used standard compressed air as the mediumAir tightness testIts future and trend

Since 2015, domestic manufacturers, whether ODM, OEM or OBM, have formally put the sealing performance, waterproof performance and air tightness test of their products on the agenda of quality management. And some industry leading manufacturers have taken the lead in realizing the quality mechanism of online full inspection of products; It can save, upload and trace the test results; Seal detection is realized,Air tightness testThe guarantee mechanism of interlocking with other quality inspection.


And it's onlineAir tightness testThe demand for quality control tends to be complete and perfect. So, which industries and fields reuse waterproof and sealing performance testing at present?

1. Traditional products must meet the requirements of waterproof and dustproof.

2. The new development of a variety of new intelligent products also began to have a more clear requirement for waterproof performance.

3. The original function of the product is upgraded, and the requirements for waterproof, dustproof and sealing are added, or the protection level is improved, and there are no special requirements for waterproof, dustproof and sealing performance before.

The products of traditional industries have their own sealing and waterproof properties. The typical representatives are: outdoor security monitoring equipment and facilities, communication base station, outdoor communication equipment, various outdoor lamps, valves and pipes, auto parts and motorcycle parts, medical equipment and facilities, water related items, etc.

New development of a variety of new intelligent products, the typical representative are: bracelet, smart watch, outdoor sports speaker, auto parts (car camera, antenna, etc.), intelligent life appliances (electric toothbrush, cleanser, face brush, etc.). The reason why we attach so much importance to the sealing performance, waterproof performance and air tightness test is that the comprehensive analysis of Xiaobian thinks that the reasons are as follows: although not necessarily comprehensive, it must be representative.

The typical products are: smart phones, sports speakers, Bluetooth headsets, diving watches, diving cameras, electric toothbrushes, motors, electric shavers, waterproof sockets and so on.

The reason why we attach so much importance to the sealing performance and air tightness test is that it is not comprehensive, but it is representative

1. Quality decides the market! The quality and waterproof performance of the same products are excellent, so they can go far in the market. It is not difficult to understand the conclusion that enterprises have competitiveness and sustainable development potential; ldquo; Quality goes up, price goes down & amp; rdquo; This is the so-called price performance ratio.

2. The consumption idea of consumers has changed! Take the mobile phone market analysis, previous consumers have not considered how to do when the mobile phone is flooded, and it is natural that the default mobile phone has no waterproof function. At this stage, consumers begin to consider why the hand has no anti-theft function, and the most basic scenario is how to deal with the rain. So the mobile phone market began the preliminary waterproof ipx5 spray waterproof. And continue to upgrade and improve to the protection level of ipx8 represented by Apple mobile phone.

3. The use scope and scene of consumers are expanding! With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of people's living standards has been brought about. Consumers are experiencing the transformation from survival to life. That is to say, consumers begin to enjoy life and enjoy the tasteful life brought by advanced high-tech products. Taking the speaker industry as an example, people are no longer satisfied with listening to music in a specific or fixed place and have music when they want to run, There is music when surfing, red wine and music when taking a bath, which leads to the development of speakers from indoor to outdoor, to water and even more complex use scenarios.

4. Technical progress to solve more complex waterproof demand, so as to drive the waterproof demand around the product and accessories! Take the car camera as an example, in fact, the product itself has high waterproof performance, because the pressure of the water gun for car washing is very high. If the product structure is unstable or the IP waterproof level is low, it is easy to get water, leading to maintenance or scrap. Even though the structure of the camera itself has been well done and the IPX waterproof detection level has been improved, another magical phenomenon is found: there is water vapor inside the lens! Affected by the hot and cold conditions, the water vapor entered the camera along the horse copper wire of the camera harness. Therefore, the products of wire harness manufacturers who have brought cameras must also be waterproof, and IPX waterproof test is carried out, which opens up the waterproof demand of new industries. The waterproof of wire harness will be discussed in another topic of technology detection technology. Take the following figure as an example: This is a wiring harness of car camera. It is required that there should be no gas leakage at any end of the inflatable detection, including injection molding end, wiring harness surface, heat shrinkable sleeve, waterproof bolt and other parts.


5. The original water test conditions have not been approved! According to the laboratory conditions of IP waterproofing, water is involved in the whole testing process, so the reasons for its inconvenience or elimination are as follows:

A. Pollution and secondary cleaning

B. The corrosion and damage to the electronic components are great

C. Low efficiency, can not be used in the production line full inspection

D. Pure human judgment is not scientific and accurate

E. Unable to track and trace the quality

To sum up, the test method with standard compressed air as medium will become the mainstream of air tightness test and IPX waterproof test market; The need for testing industry will continue to expand; Testing technology and air tightness testing equipment will continue to improve in order to be closer to and meet the needs of the market; As the clear stream of the industry and the mainstay of boycotting and replacing foreign brands, Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is constantly receiving reviews and being tested by the market. Its air tightness tester, also known as waterproof detection equipment, has a high degree of intelligence, automation, good stability, and has gone to the world stage - this is no longer a slogan, no longer a vision, but a practical practice. Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead!

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