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What are the IP65 waterproof detection methods? Which IP65 waterproof test method is good?

IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number represents the level of dust prevention and foreign invasion prevention. The second number represents the sealing degree of moisture and water invasion prevention. The larger the number is, the higher the protection level is. & amp; in IP65; ldquo; 6& rdquo; It means to completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects and the entry of dust& amp; ldquo; 5& rdquo; It means to prevent water ejected from the nozzle in all directions from entering the product.

The application of IP65 protection level generally has outdoor lamps. Under normal circumstances, lamps only need to prevent the rain from entering and the dust in the air when it is raining. The same is true for cameras, that is, IP65 protection level. And some lamps and cameras also have IP67 waterproof grade, or IP66 protection grade, these products are generally used in specific circumstances, such as underwater use, such as often in the wet ring, or especially serious pollution environment

So how to detect the IP65 waterproof level of lamps and cameras? The traditional method is to use the water soaking method, which is obviously not desirable. For a while, it will cause the secondary pollution of the product. For another, the detection efficiency of the air tightness detection method is extremely low. No water can enter into the interior of the three kinds of electronic products, otherwise the electronic components will be burned. For the fourth, the air tightness detection method of the water soaking device is extremely dependent on human eyes, and the leakage rate of the product can not be obtained, It is also impossible to determine the IP waterproof level of lamps and cameras, let alone IP65 and IP66.

So how to detect the IP65 waterproof level of lamps and cameras?

It can adopt the technology of Shenzhen Harris automationAir tightness detection deviceThe airtightness detection device of Harris adopts compressed air, because the compressed air is not sticky, easy to use, convenient to collect, and will not cause pollution. The leakage calculator system is unique to the air tightness detection device. As long as you put the tested electronic products such as lamps, cameras, and raw materials into the relatively sealed tooling, connect the air tightness detection device, turn on the Hermes air tightness detection device, and after a certain period of detection by the detection instrument, you can get the leakage rate of the product, According to the leakage rate, the waterproof grade of IP65, IP66 and IP67 can be obtained. It is very suitable for full inspection on the production line, and can also be used in the laboratory. The detection accuracy is very high, which can be accurate to 0.1pA. In other words, even if only bubbles with the size of the leaking needle eye can be detected every minute.



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