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How to use air tightness detector to do waterproof test of security products

What is the security equipment owner? Why do security equipment do seal detection? What is its purpose? What are the main security equipment to do seal detection? What kind of air tightness testing equipment is better?

First of all, we need to understand the type of security products, in order to determine his waterproof detection scheme according to his type.

Security products are mainly divided into three categories:

  • 1、 Alarm system video monitoring equipment: such as hard disk video recording and transmission equipment, monitoring camera.
  • 2、 Alarm system access control equipment: such as target identification, information processing, control, execution equipment and system
  • 3、 Vehicle anti-theft alarm system: such as vehicle anti-theft alarm equipment and vehicle anti robbery anti-theft alarm network system
  • 4、 Anti theft alarm controller: such as wired, wireless anti-theft alarm control, transmission, display, storage and other equipment
  • 5、 Intrusion detector: such as active infrared intrusion detector, passive infrared intrusion detector, microwave intrusion detector, microwave and passive infrared intrusion detector, ultrasonic intrusion detector, vibration intrusion detector, magnetic switch intrusion detector, ultrasonic and passive infrared intrusion detector.
  • 6、 Building intercom system: such as all kinds of visual and non visual building intercom equipment and systems.
  • 7、 Mechanical anti-theft lock: it is used for anti-theft security door, vault door, anti-theft safe (cabinet) and special lock for motor vehicle anti-theft.
  • 8、 Anti theft safe: such as anti-theft safe, anti-theft safe, portable anti-theft safe.
  • 9、 Bulletproof composite glass: such as bulletproof, anti broken
  • 10、 Security door: such as security door, electric security door, vault door

The main function of security equipment is to take precautions. To protect people's personal safety and property safety, play a real-time monitoring and long-term effective protection role. Since most of the security devices are electronic integrated devices, the most important thing for electronic products is water and dust. Because of these two uncertain factors, there are more than ten thousand cases of personal injury or property loss caused by security devices every year. Most of the security devices are used outdoors, or are easy to contact with water. Such as outdoor security surveillance camera, wireless anti-theft device antenna part, electronic alarm are the soul of security products, the components are waterproof and dustproof.

For example, the top six parts of the top ten categories of security products are very necessary to do waterproof testing. And seal inspection. These products can not avoid contact with water, once contact with water can be damaged, can not achieve the role of security, lose the role of security products. Nowadays, with the increase of the flow of people, the environment continues to deteriorate, more and more dust, if the security product seal is not good, dust into the multiple will also affect the service life of security products, the use of security products sealing test is also very necessary, good sealing test can improve the quality and service life of products.

So what kind of waterproof detection and sealing detection method should be adopted?

Most of the popular waterproof detection and sealing detection methods in the market are air tightness detection? Air tightness testing method its testing equipment uses compressed air, which will not cause damage to the product and is non-destructive气密性检测仪implement。 Due to the use of compressed air, the air is not viscous, so it will not cause secondary pollution. Because of waterproof detectionSeal detectionWith the increasing demand for air tightness leakage detection, leakage detection and IP waterproof level detection, many air tightness leakage detection manufacturers have emerged in the marketShenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., LtdIts system integrates positive and negative pressure two test modes, and can make test scheme according to demand.

The main method of waterproof detection and sealing detection of security products is to make a relatively sealed tooling according to the size of the product, then put the security products into the tooling, connect the clean compressed air, turn on the switch of the air tightness tester, and the tester will rush a certain amount of gas into the tooling, and then feel the pressure change of the compressed air, and calculate the air leakage, Finally, the IP waterproof grade and relative sealing performance of security products can be obtained according to the leakage rate.




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