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Change the logo of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd! New image! Upgrade again! It marks that the leak detection equipment has entered a new height

Leak detection equipment has a personalized and unique brandlogoIt is also an important factor to publicize the core concept of the brand. Recently, Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new brandLogo, marking the leak detection equipment has entered a new height

newlogoNew image and brand change usually means brand transformation. Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. also said that it will reposition the brand of leak detection equipment and strive to build Harris into a leading brand of automatic leak detection equipment of leak detection equipment, waterproof detection equipment and air tightness detection system. In order to meet the needs of brand development of Harris, Harris will launch a new brandlogoIt means to use a new image to interpret the upgrading of herrense brand.

Through the old and the newlogoBy contrast, we can see the brand of HarrisnewlogoIt's even more uniqueAndProfessional. newlogowithHarriscompanynameThe abbreviation is combination,logoThe main colors of the figure are orange and blue. Orange represents wealth, auspiciousness and creativity; Blue means automation technology. newlogoArrow logo is a very intuitive expression of the Hercules brand all the way up the good moral.

newlogoNot only does it look personal, but it's also very important for new peoplelogoThe role of recognition and memory is more prominent.

newlogoIt conveys the brand's concern for & amp; ldquo; Dare to innovate, pursue excellence & amp; rdquo; The service concept of & amp; will be sublimated again; ldquo; Lean production, keep improving & amp; rdquo; Our brandAndPositioning is also more clear, Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will move towards a more professional branddirectiondevelopmentnewlogo, new image, also indicates that the brand will usher in a new beginning!

With the replacement of logo, leak detection equipment also ushered in a greater function upgrade, adding barcode scanning function and remote control function on the original basis.

The bar code scanning function of the leak detector can clearly record the real data of the product when detecting the tightness, waterproof and air tightness of the product, which is convenient for tracking the leakage data of the product and statistics the leakage data of the product. It has great reference significance for improving the design process of the tightness and waterproof.

The remote control function is integrated in the air tightness leak detection system, which truly realizes the real-time monitoring of leakage data and the detection progress of products. It is very convenient to analyze the qualified rate of products in time and reduce the defective products in the process, which is of great significance to reduce the cost.

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