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NBK company of Canada fully approved the effect of airtightness test of Harris

Today, NBK company of Canada came to Harris to test the air tightness of the products. They were very satisfied with the effect and accuracy of the air tightness tester and reached a cooperation agreement.

HarrisAir tightness testIt is a new type of air tightness testing and leakage testing equipment. Widely used in small household appliances industry, valve and pipe fitting industry, communication base station equipment waterproof test, medical equipment sealing test, wire waterproof, outdoor monitoring products waterproof test, aluminum alloy die casting productsAir tightness test, leakage detection of welding products, and other places that need waterproof test.It can be used to test air pressure attenuation leak detection, vacuum attenuation leak detection, mass flow test, burst test, air valve opening pressure test, and other gas tests. The product has built-in high-precision sensor, and the test accuracy can reach 0.1pA,

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