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The fragrance of zongzi brings all good things

Mugwort leaves and fragrance, time near Duanyang!

Harris Technologytwo thousand and twenty-oneyearDragon Boat FestivalThe holidays are arranged as follows:sixmonththirteenSunday tosixmonthfourteenSunday (Monday) off for a total oftwoGod.sixmonth15Work normally from Sunday (Tuesday).

In addition to the holiday notice, holiday gifts are also indispensable.On this Dragon Boat Festival,Harris TechnologyPrepare the Dragon Boat Festival gift package for all staff in advance& mdash;& amp; mdash; traditional Chinese rice-puddingAnd extend sincere holiday greetings to all staff, thank you for your support all the timeHarrisOur support and trust!

A zongzi, a care, zongzi brings not only the enjoyment of taste, more is a good blessing! Eat in the mouth, sweet in the heart, the hearts of all employees are full of gratitude to the company. Everyone said that the timely distribution of the company's welfare encouraged them to work hard, and also felt the company's full of holiday care and deep blessings for employees.

these years,Harris TechnologyEvery traditional festival comesThe Dragon Boat Festival zongzi is the company's leader's gratitude to all employees for their hard work and affirmation of their work. It makes every employee feel the concern of the company's leaders and enjoy the fruits of the enterprise's development, Greatly enhance the staff's sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise.

Finally, Hercules technology wishesAll staff and friends from all over the worldWe have a good four seasons and a happy holiday!

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