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New employee training of Harris Technology

New employees, new power

In this spring filled April, we gather at Harris technology

Here, meet with you, know each other; In work, become a tacit working partner; In lifeBecome a close friend

along withHarris TechnologyWith the rapid development of business, more and more new people have joined inHarrisBig family, to help you understand, understand and integrate as soon as possibleHarrisTo enhance the combat effectiveness of the team and personal quality,Hiris technology regularly runs on Wednesdays and Fridays18:00~20:00developNew employee training

New employee training is a new starting point of new employee's career, which adapts to the behavior goal and work style of new organization. New employee training is a process for individuals to further understand and be familiar with the enterprise. Hercules technology focuses on new employee trainingintroduceThe company's development history, corporate culture, company system, production products, scope, target customers and other related training, and then new employees will be assessed according to the training content.

Harris technology conducts weeklyPurpose of new employee trainingOne is to motivate employees,After making clear the rules and regulations of the enterprise, employees can realize self-management and save management cost; On the other hand, it is to alleviate the new employees' strangeness to the new environment and the resulting psychological pressure, so that new employees can quickly integrate into the company's working environment.So as to help employees adapt to the environment and new jobs faster, better plan their career and improve work performance.

The higher the mountain, the better the dream. Let's be youngad locumThe dream starts from here.Since its establishment for 13 years, Harris technology has always attached great importance to its employeesTraining and professional knowledge training. AsHarris'sFellow travelers, everyone will be ready to go for the futureHarrisWe will continue to strive for a better tomorrow!

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