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Love yourself at all times

In the ordinary days, they interpret the extraordinary life with their inherent tenacity, because with them, the ordinary days are also shiningSpring in Marchbirds ' twitter and fragrance of flowersIn this season of blooming flowerswelcome& ldquo;flighty& rdquo;Women's day.Harris technology organized& ldquo;Celebrate March eight& rdquo; The theme activities of,A series ofRomantic activities are all realized today, such as collecting flowers, eating barbecue and watching movies,For the festival they sent laughter.

Although the spring cold is still chilly,butHarris companyIt's full of love and warmth.2021year3month8As soon as they entered the company, every woman in the company received a bouquet carefully prepared by the leader of Harris,To bring you a beautiful and pleasant mood experience.

A bouquet of fragrant flowers, a warm words, carryingHarrisThe leader's deep blessing. When the intimate blessing, fragrant flowers and everyone's smiling face merge together, what we harvest is not only flowers, but also a touch.

All the flowers have been sent. How can there be less barbecue. After work in the morning,femaleEmployeesPut down the busy work, stop the usual rush to get togetherBarbecue shop, enjoy a good lunch. After lunch, it's time to watch! We chose one togetherI have a good reputation recentlyfilmThe crowd is surging.The film watching activities let everyone fully feel the joy of the festival and relax from the busy work.

Through this activity, we greatly released the pressure in our work and enjoyed the infinite fun in our life,It not only eases the work pressure, but also enhances the friendship among colleagues. In the future work, it will further improve the spirit,We need to push people to work better.

Finally, best wishes to youwishAll the goddesses canBe your own sun, shine on yourself, and light others

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