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Hercules starts construction in 2021!

The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated

The new year is busy and orderlyworkIt will open again

HarrisWish you all a new year


Everything goes well

The first month of the lunar calendartwelveYesHarrisThe first day after the Spring Festival holiday.After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holidayGo back to work again. All staff came to the company early to report, everyone with a smile, full of confidence, full of confidence, let the enterprise glow with vitality.

Leaders of Harris TechnologyAddress at the kick off meetingI'd like to bring you New Year's greetings and best wishes.I hope all of you in the new yearWe should work hard at a new starting point and create more brillianceUse practical actions to create better results.

It's such an important day to start work on the first day after the yearOf courseFull of blessings& mdash;& amp; mdash;Yes, Hercules technologyPrepared a red envelope for each employeeIt means good luck in the new yearGood luck

The year of the ox has begunAll employees of HarrisWith fuller enthusiasm and more solid stylemeetA new starting pointPut your heart and soul into your workMake a good start for the new yearTry to achieve your goalsContinue to strive for a better life2021Years of struggle, from today officially opened!

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