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The "four piece set" for smart wearable testing is on the stage of 2020 smart wearable innovative materials and Applications Summit Forum

With the rapid development of China's economy, wearable devices have gradually become popular in our life, and it is a popular product in the market. The smart wearable device market has great development potential, and its product form is rich and diverse. The mainstream devices have gradually penetrated into people's lives in medical health, sports monitoring, audio-visual entertainment, social communication and other aspects, and are sought after by young users with the characteristics of simplicity, fashion and portability.

Now the electronic products sold in the market are popular. The protection test of the products can make the products more convenient in the process of use, and the use time is longer. Such products will be more convenient in useAfter a certain degree of protection test products in the market sales have more advantages.

Harris TechnologyIn the aspect of intelligent wearability, we have developed a product specific for the product& ldquo; Four piece set & amp; rdquo; Air tightness tester, andtwo thousand and nineteenyearApplication in Huawei children's watch andGT2In the series of watches. Since then, the popularity of Harris technology in intelligent wearable testing has risen rapidly. Let's take a look at Harris & amp; ldquo; Four piece set & amp; rdquo; What kind of equipment does the air tightness tester include.

Harris& ldquo; Four piece set & amp; rdquo; Air tightness tester:

HLSeries of air tightness detector: can be usedIPX7reach7ATMHigh and low pressure air tightness test based on MATLAB

HWSeries of permeable film true water detector: can be used for0-5000ml/minFlow test of waterproof and breathable membrane

HCSeries flow detector: can be used0-5ATMReal water test of waterproof and breathable film

HESeries leak point detector: can be used0-5ATMLeakage detection or simulation of defective products0-5ATMReal water environment

The test of intelligent wearable device is closely related to the product performance, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate test methodequipmentThis is the key. Only after testing can the products be more reliable and the quality be guaranteed.Hiris for smart wearable test& ldquo; Four piece set & amp; rdquo;, It's on board《2020Intelligent wearable innovative materials and Applications Summit ForumTaiwan, on the one hand, is the recognition certificate of Harris technology, on the other hand, it is also the recognition certificate of high-quality products of Harris.futureHarris TechnologyWe will continue to work hardContinuous exploration and improvementbySmart wearable testMake a contribution to the development of this fieldmoreGreat contribution.

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