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Hercules technology grows with employees in the morning reading

In today's increasingly fierce competition,Every employeeFacing the challenge of renewing ideas and improving skills, it needs lifelong learning. If the overall quality of a team is not good, it also restricts the development of the enterprise.In order to show that the company pays attention to the cultivation of employees and let them find happiness, Harris technology arranges all employees to have morning reading every Tuesday.

it is said that& ldquo; Spring is the plan of the year, and morning is the plan of the day; rdquo;。Morning is the prime time for study. Under the careful organization of Harris technology, every employee has shown a high attitude towards the morning reading activity. The content of the morning reading is from ancient classics to modern six improvements. It has been three years since the establishment of herrense's early reading course. In addition to the early reading activities, the company arranges employees to participate in six intensive learning and various vocational skills training every month.

For the problem that Harris technology organizes employees to have morning reading every Tuesday, in the eyes of outsiders, it's a trivial matter, and some people even think it's a show by the enterprise. In fact, it is not. Since the morning reading activity, the enthusiasm of employees has been significantly improved. Through early reading, the knowledge structure of employees can be changed and improved, and then the working ability of employees can be improved, which can not only make employees get the training of the company in work, but also realize the overall improvement of enterprise management level.

The growth of employees is the permanent core competitiveness of enterprises.Morning reading is not only forHarris employeesIt provides a good learning environment, and at the same time, cultivates the students' abilitystaffThe willpower and self-control of the students are the key to the success of the projectcompanyThe future development has laid a good and solid foundation.

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