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Two day and one night tour of Heyuan

Life is not only about work, but also about poetry and distance.

Body and soul, there is always one on the way.

in line with& ldquo; People oriented, happy work& rdquo;After finishing the busy work in the third quarter,Harris Technologytotwo thousand and twentyyear10monthtwenty-fourday-25dayOrganize all staff to participate in two days and one night tourism activities in autumngoHeyuan feels different beauty of northern Guangdong.

After a long morning's hard work, we arrived at Heyuan at noon,The first stop of the Heyuan tour is the ice and snow worldColleagues in the South can finally see the snow!Play, the cool wind whistling in the ear, let meColleagues experienced a luxurious trip to the ice and snow world.

All the way through the green mountains and rivers,When we come to Heyuan, how can we not appreciate one of the two most famous tourist destinations in Heyuan& ldquo; Guest world & amp; rdquo; What about it? So we came to & amp; ldquo; Hakka Town & amp; rdquo;。 To appreciate the essence of Hakka culture on the stage of Hakka history; Feel the natural Hakka living culture in the Forest Inn settlement; In the World Hakka folk custom experience center, I have a long history of Hakka customs,Enjoy this rare leisure and comfort.

last,Let's move freely,Here we areHakka World International Hotel, the biggest reason to choose this hotel is because there are hot springs. In early autumn, the weather is dry. Soaking in hot springs can replenish the water in the body. It can be said that it is the first choice to relieve the body fatigue!Two hours of hot spring enjoyment is really exciting& ldquo;In the hot spring, my heart is like the sea, and I forget everything,have much enjoyment and forget to go back home& rdquo;It's my feeling.

& ldquo; Tired and happy & amp; rdquo;, It's the same feeling. But at this time, the busy and tired work has been ignoredtravelInstead of the fresh and comfortable.

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