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Full moon flying mirror,

The festival is full of warmth,

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming again....

Mid Autumn Festival is an important festival of the Chinese nation, which symbolizes the pursuit of reunion & ldquo; Full moon and Mid Autumn Festival; rdquo;。

In this important festival, Shenzhen hairis technology has prepared moon cakes for all employees. From the brand of moon cakes to the taste of moon cakes, hairis has done its homework carefully. Finally, it has prepared this kind of konggi Oriental crispy which integrates taste and beauty for employees. When boxes of moon cakes full of satisfaction and love are sent to employees, we also send herrense's good wishes to all employees. I wish you a happy new year, a happy reunion, and peace all the year round.

Harris technology is a company specializing in air tightness testing equipment, the company was foundedtwelveThe feeling of employees has always been put in an important position in the year. Gifts are prepared for employees in every festival, and birthday parties are prepared for the little friends of the month every month. I would like to thank herrense and wish herrense a better tomorrow!

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