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Make concerted efforts to forge ahead

believetwo thousand and twentyIt is a year of challenges and opportunities for many companies, and it is also a year for Shenzhen Harris technology. In order to summarize the experience and lessons in the first half of the year and provide ideas and direction for the work in the second half of the yearHarris technology intwo thousand and twentyyearsevenmonthtwenty-fiveAfternoon of the 5th2Point held a mid year sales summary meeting at Hilton Hotel in Guangming district.

Mr. Zhang, chairman of Harris technology, Mr. Zhang, technical director of Harris technology, Mr. Huang of Sales Department of Harris and all sales personnel of the company attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by general manager Huang of sales department.

The meeting first showed the overall sales performance in the first half of the year. Due to the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year, most enterprises in the country started work in early April. We missed the best golden months of sales, February and March. But even in the bad environment, the first half of the performance of Harris still achieved the same leveltwo thousand and nineteenThe first half of the year was flat. This achievement is the result of the cohesion of all employees of Harris and the far sighted achievement of leaders of Harris. At the meeting, we also summarized the secret of the steady growth of sales performance: first of all, we set up the key account department, which can accurately position the needs of key customers, attack quickly, and provide more humanized after-sales service. Secondly, with its mature testing technology, Harris has won the favor and affirmation of many potential big customers, who mainly make new energy battery packs and smart wearable series. Their products are in great demand for air tightness testing equipment and have the ability to place orders continuously. These customers are also the source and driving force for the steady growth of herrense's performance.

As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement. In the sales in the first half of the year, there were some excellent businesses,Flying against the wind has achieved remarkable results, their fighting posture is really beautiful, they deserve our applause and praise! President Zhang, director and president Huang presented medals and rich red envelopes to these successful businesses. No scars, where the skin is thick, heroes have been hard to grind since ancient times. Chairman Harris encourages us to make persistent efforts in the second half of the year, to find the right direction, to make a good plan, to achieve it step by step, and to do things in a down-to-earth manner. The road will be wider and wider.

Dare to ask where the road is, the road is at the foot. In order to better achieve the goal of the second half of the year,The meeting once again defined the performance requirements for the second half of the year,And the goal is broken down into individuals,Everyone said that despite the pressure,But I still have the confidence to do it;meanwhile,The meeting also pointed out the direction of struggle in the second half of the year,We want to seize customers at all costs;The meeting also formulated various strategies to ensure the realization of the goals,It's refreshing;

Finally, we share our methods, suggestions and suggestions, and summarize our views as follows: 1.From the current sales performance of Harris, we can see that the company60%The company's performance comes from the return of old customers,40%Our performance comes from new customers. Therefore, to maintain and serve our old customers is our first priorityThe most important thing is not to relax the follow-up just because he is an old customer. The market competition is fierce. Maybe now he is your old customer and tomorrow he will become someone else's new customer; two.Follow up new customers in time and solve sealing problems for customers in time. Any new customer may be a potential big customer. If you find us in person, you must have a demand for our sealing testing equipment, which is much better than the chance for us to find customers in the vast market. three.Hermes is to do sealing test equipment, our equipment is to solve the problem of sealing, so our business is also a technical business, can effectively solve the problem of customers in the aspect of sealing, customers will choose our air tightness test equipment. Therefore, we should learn more and arm ourselves with knowledge and skills. Opportunities are for those who are prepared. Only when we arm ourselves with knowledge and skills can we seize the opportunities when they come.

Mr. Zhang made a concluding speech. He said: the market for air tightness testing equipment is very large, and a lot of opportunities are waiting for us to create,Although the overall environment is not good, but a change in thinking, the market......Mr. Zhang's image of being the first and daring to take on responsibilities once again makes us realize what the power of leadership is. believe2020The second half of the year will be better, and the mid year sales summary meeting of Harris technology has come to a successful conclusion.

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