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July CMM exhibition of Harris technology - full harvest, complete!

arouse passionIn July, focus on Dongguan. All eyes are on you!

7.9-11 Guangdong CMM ExhibitionChina Electronics Manufacturing Automation& amp; Resource ExhibitionIt was held ceremoniously. Although it is still in the epidemic period, everyone's enthusiasm is not reduced, and it is not wrong to go to the exhibition for epidemic prevention. Shenzhen Harris technology has also made full preparations to participate in the exhibition with many sales representatives of the company. Let's feel the heat of the scene.

Hiris has prepared six series of sealing test equipment to appear in the exhibition. At the same time, it has specially displayed the sealing test equipment of smart watch and the waterproof test equipment of smart phone with upper computer for this exhibition. Hiris technology has attracted many professional buyers to visit and discuss the technology with its high precision, strong flexibility and mature test technology. Some customers after a detailed understanding, zero distance contact with our equipment and sales engineers, more confident of our products, on-site orders, hoping that their factories will soon be able to use the air tightness testing equipment of Shanghai Ruisi.

As an exhibition of electronic manufacturing, CMM exhibition gathers manufacturers of various electronic products and automation manufacturers. The airtightness test equipment of Harris is also the airtightness test equipment to protect the quality of electronic products. During the three days of the exhibition, the booth of Harris has been full of people, but it is not hot. Let's witness the grand occasion of the booth of Harris!

Every exhibition is the best opportunity for zero distance contact with customers. Harris attaches great importance to customers' experience in the exhibition. In order to let customers know more about our testing equipment and principle, the company sent all engineers to answer questions for customers on the last day of the exhibition. By the end of the exhibition, Harris technology has reached deep cooperation agreements with many customers. It has laid a more solid foundation for the development of Harris in the second half of the year.

At 5 p.m. on July 11, 2020, the three-day exhibition of Harris technology in CMM was successfully concluded. Thank you for your presence. In addition, don't regret to miss the exhibition. We welcome you to our company for negotiation. Our company is in Songgang, Shenzhen. We are looking forward to your presence!

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