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Special love for special you~~

Today is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which is a traditional Chinese Valentine's day. Qixi Festival comes from the ancient traditional mythology story of Cowherd and weaver girl. It is said that on this night of every year, the weaver girl and the cowherd meet at magpie bridge. Also in order to show the loyalty of love, I hope all lovers in the world can be long-term.

Since the morning, the circle of friends has been advertised by Tanabata, drying gifts, single dog joking... All kinds of Tanabata themes pop up on the screen. Harris technology is not only inAir tightness testing equipmentIn terms of production, we provide high-quality instruments and high-quality after-sales service. At the same time, the life of employees and happiness index in the company are always in mind.

In this romantic festival, chocolate and Tanabata match!

Harris technology has prepared sweet chocolate for every woman in the company.

I hope every girl's life can be as sweet as chocolate. Thank them for their efforts for the company while taking care of their families!

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