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Because of you, I'm very lucky - Harris technology June employee birthday party

In order to reflect the company's humanistic care for employees, as well as the thanks and affirmation for the efforts of employees, shorten the distance between colleagues. At the end of June 2019, the company ushered in a birthday party on the first day of each month. The birthday party will be held in the conference room of the company according to the usual place.

Fate brings us together here

Here we dream and work together

Staff birthday party, deep love

Because of you, I'm very lucky

因为有你们-很幸运 海瑞思科技6月员工生日会

Photo: the company's carefully prepared cakes and birthday gifts

因为有你们-很幸运 海瑞思科技6月员工生日会 生日主角

Photo: two lovely birthday stars

The warm atmosphere makes every employee smile. Good wishes and warm greetings have been poured into the hearts of the people of hirisco. At this moment, their faces are full of happy smile.

因为有你们-很幸运 海瑞思科技6月员工生日会 其乐融融

Photo: share cake and fruit

Although the birthday party is short, it is warm. This birthday party not only shortens the distance between colleagues, but also enhances team cohesion; At the same time, it strengthens the construction of corporate culture; It also makes employees deeply feel the warmth of the family of hiris technology. In the years to come, we should work harder to create a better future.

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