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Dragon Boat Festival activities on June 6, 2019

It's a good time of the year, with flowers and songs. On May Day, we row dragon boats, eat rice dumplings and hang wormwood. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. In order to further guide employees to understand and feel the traditional Chinese festival culture, enrich their lives and improve their cultural quality, on June 6,海瑞思科技The & amp; ldquo;粽叶飘香 端午传情& rdquo;Dragon Boat Festival activities

At 9:00 a.m., we set out happily. 50 employees took the bus to Gongming farm. Along the way, we sang and laughedJesting and chatting; Some small squint, are waiting for the activities to supplement energy. After half an hour's drive to Gongming farm, all the staff were excited.

This activity is divided into five groups, with clear division of labor and strong hands-on awareness; Don't say much. For lunch today, roll up your sleeves.

Photo: washing / Lighting / frying

It's delicious food. I can't wait

Picture: group meal

After lunch, there was the tug of war and table tennis match. The players of both sides tried their best to make the rope go left and right for a while. It was hard to decide for a moment. The players clench their teeth, hold the rope tightly, unite as one and go all out. The whole competition scene was boiling with cheers, cheers and laughter.

Picture: tug of war

One day端午节活动After a successful ending, all the staff have not only gained the feeling and moving, but also the softness that has never been touched in the heart. Youth, unity and cooperation, beyond self! Through this activity, let the whole staff fully realize the importance of teamwork in the whole activity. In the future work, we should face every new day and task with passion and will, and pass on this spirit to everyone; hellip;& amp; hellip;

Photo: group photo of all members of Harris

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