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Happy birthday - thank you for having you - Harris may birthday party in 2019

Harris TechnologyIn order to carry forward the company's corporate culture, let employees feel the warmth and care of the collective; At the end of May 2019, the company will hold a birthday party on the first day of each month to express the company's best wishes. The birthday party will be held in the conference room of the company according to the usual place.

Fate, let's get together in the best years

Leave us unforgettable memories here

Staff birthday party, the deepest love, the deepest love

Happy birthday, thank you

Although the collective birthday party is a small move, it has devoted the company's attention and meticulous care to the employees!

Birthday people have been waiting for a long time!

Delicious cakes, fruits, sincere blessings, hearty laughter, warm smiling faces... Are all deeply recorded in the camera and fixed in every employee's mind.

stay海瑞思科技In this big family,

We work together and share happiness.

May we always be like family members,

Run together,

Grow up together!

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