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Caring for the staff and warming the heart

On the morning of May 25, 2019,Harris TechnologyThe leader led the company's colleagues to Shenzhen Guangming New Area Hospital to visit the sick staff of our company. Before the sickbed, the leaders of the company had a cordial talk with the sick employee, inquired about the injury, treatment and physical condition in detail, and told him to treat at ease, have a good rest, keep an optimistic attitude, cooperate with the doctor's treatment, strive for an early recovery and return to work as soon as possible.

Sick employees are海瑞思科技Salesman of business department; During the working period, I am conscientious and responsible. This employee is enthusiastic and responsible. When we encounter problems in our daily work, he tries his best to help solve them.

Although the weather is hot, the concern of the company's leaders is like the cool waves in the heat, moistening the hearts of the sick employees.海瑞思科技Always adhering to the people-oriented, positive response, pay close attention to the staff's living and working conditions; To solve their problems& amp; ldquo; The enterprise is the ownership of the employees, the employees are the wealth of the enterprise, and there are no trivial things about the employees; rdquo; A kind greeting, a caring words. What it brings is the warmth of spring, the care of collective love, and the distance between the unit and the staff.

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