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Hermes air tightness tester made its debut in CMM 2009

May 16 - May 18 CMM China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & amp; amp; Resource exhibition and China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Technology & amp; middot; Automation Exhibition (cmm2019) was held in Dongguan; middot; Guangdong Modern International Convention and Exhibition Center officially opened! The exhibition attracted brand exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

As a leading brand focusing on air tightness testing industry, Harris technology has brought its different series of productsAir tightness testerThe device appeared in this CMM exhibition, booth number: Hall 3 a714. At the same time, the newly developed automatic intelligent sealing test system equipment of Harris has become a major focus of this exhibition. At the exhibition site, the hi-tech booth area was full of popularity and won wide attention and high recognition from the participating customers.

CMM exhibition is jointly sponsored by dozens of China's leading electronic manufacturing factories. It is currently China's largest professional exhibition of mobile phone manufacturing technology with the largest number of exhibits and the most complete categories. At present, CMM exhibition has become a domestic and international & amp; ldquo; Shanghai Munich Exhibition & amp; rdquo;,& amp; ldquo; Nepcon& rdquo; In order to adapt to the development trend of the industry and the needs of the audience, since 2019, the & amp; ldquo; Mobile phone manufacturing technology & amp; middot; Automation Exhibition & amp; rdquo; Upgrade to & amp; ldquo; China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & amp; amp; Resource show & amp; rdquo;, One stop to show more comprehensive manufacturing resources for more electronic manufacturing enterprises.

Aiming at the requirements of air tightness test in the field of electronic products, Harris technology has demonstrated the air tightness test methods that can be used in all walks of life for the exhibitors and visitors气密性测试仪At the same time, the case demonstration of the whole mobile phone, various parts of the mobile phone and the air tightness test is made.

Hiris technology, which has rich experience in air tightness testing of electronic products, has participated in this CMM Exhibition for two consecutive years. In this exhibition, the fully automatic intelligent sealing test system equipment exhibited by Harris has attracted the attention of the exhibitors. The exhibition area of Harris has become one of the most popular exhibition halls with complete air tightness test products. The company's complete products and professional explanation make the atmosphere of the exhibition very warm and popular. During the exhibition, the activities of collecting praise and giving gifts make the scene atmosphere even higher.

Thanks to the brand image of high quality and high service in the air tightness testing industry and the recognition of old customers, new and old customers from all over the world stop to inquire, understand the products and determine the purchase intention. Many new and old customers directly confirm the purchase intention and sign orders on site.

New product launch:

In this exhibition, the company's series of products, including HL leader series instruments, HC classic series instruments, HN pilot series instruments, HP development series instruments, HS smart series instruments, leak detection machine and automatic intelligent sealing test system equipment, were presented in this exhibition. Among them, HL leader series instruments, leak detection machine, automatic intelligent sealing test system equipment are all on the show for the first time, and have attracted countless attention in the booth.

The automatic intelligent sealing test system integrates unmanned test, sensing, control, information processing and artificial intelligence. At the same time, it can be combined into 4-station, 8-station and 16 station operating system functions!

In this year's 2019cmm China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & amp; amp; On the stage of resource exhibition, Harris technology not only shows high-quality products and the strength of enterprises, but also shows Harris Technology & amp; technology to the world; ldquo; We provide trust, precision and efficiency& amp; rdquo; The mission of Hercules & amp; ldquo; China's brand, the height of the world& amp; rdquo; Corporate vision.

Do not forget the original intention, pursue the dream, and work silently. By increasing R & D investment, accumulating technology and settling for more than 10 years, the products of Harris technology have been exported to more than 50 countries overseas. Starting from a new starting point in 2019, Harris technology will embark on a new journey, both domestic and foreign markets will sail forward and forge ahead!

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