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First quarter commendation meeting for outstanding employees of Harris technology in 19 years

On the morning of April 26,Harris TechnologyAll staff held a meeting in the conference room of the company in the first quarter of 2019Excellent staffCommendation Conference

This timeCommendation ConferenceIn recognition of the outstanding performance in the previous stage of the work of employees, andExcellent staffBonus encouragement was given.


Picture:Harris TechnologyAll staff participated in the meeting表彰大会

Harris科技Since the beginning of the new year, customers' orders have been increasing. At the same time, many well-known group companies' large project orders have also been handed over to Harris. In the previous stage, the company's business department, engineering department, production department and service department all make concerted efforts to maintain a high sense of responsibility, so that the shipment in the previous stage can meet the requirements of customers with quality and quantity.


Picture:Excellent staffAward bonus


Picture:优秀员工group photo

The company's achievements are inseparable from the cooperation of various departments. On the premise of meeting the customer's delivery requirements, quality is the foundation of every company's survival,

海瑞思科技To production department and engineering department优秀员工The affirmation also reflects the company's pursuit of excellent quality.

this表彰大会, reflecting the海瑞思科技Great affirmation and high recognition of the hard work of the manufacturing staff. In the next work, I hope that all the employees of the manufacturing department will continue to work hard, face the difficulties, have the courage to undertake, be willing to contribute, and strive together优秀员工, for海瑞思Strive for a better tomorrow!

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