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Test example of airtight and waterproof TWS earphone

TWS It's really wireless stereo,TWSTechnology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. along withTWSThe technology of earphone is gradually mature, and its more convenient to use and smaller size has triggered the continuous boom of earphone market.

HarrisTWSEarphone test example

Now we all see itTWSThere are many application scenarios,There are manyyoung peopleI like to wear it while runningTWSWhen listening to music with headphones, a lot of sweat will be produced during exercise or the weather outside will rain suddenlyTWSIt is necessary for earphone to be dustproof and waterproofIn addition, the higher the waterproof and dustproof level, the longer the service life of the productthereforeTWS Earphone waterproof test also startedBy the major manufacturers of headphones understand.

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of Harris

aboutTWSGenerally, there are two methods for the waterproof detection of earphone. One is to observe whether the product has bubbles by soaking in water, so as to judge the waterproof performance of the product; The other is to judge the waterproof performance of products by detecting the pressure change of compressed air with air tightness testing instrument.

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of Harris

Using the airtight and waterproof testing equipment of herrense to directly testTWSHeadphones,According to the structure of the headset design mold, mold is divided into three test parts, each part is tested separately, to ensure that all parts of the headset can meet the waterproof requirements.This method is more accurate than the traditional bubble method, and it will not affect the detection accuracyTWSThe damage caused by earphone is favored by earphone manufacturers.

Airtightness test of Harris technology earphone

The airtight and waterproof detector of Harris can quickly and accurately detect the water leakageTWSThe leakage value of the air tightness of the earphone can be used to judge whether the product is qualified or notstayTWSHeadset industryIt has achieved excellent reputation.

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