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This article about the waterproof test of automobile control rod, you must read it!

In order to ensure whether the tightness of electronic products or a certain component or part of electronic products meets the requirements after assembly, it is necessary to use the air tightness test equipment for air tightness test to ensure the good tightness and qualified rate of products. Therefore, the application scope of air tightness test equipment is more and more large, from the previous only used in the air tightness test equipmentThe home appliance industry, up to now, involves all aspects of the automotive industry, such as the control rod of the car.

Product to be tested: automobile control rod

automobileControl lever,As a new type of automobile stabilizer barIt can reduce or prevent the vehicle from rolling when turning"Rollover"accidentTo a certain extentIt ensures the safety of driving and the comfort of riding。 So how to accurately and effectively detect the waterproof performance of automobile control rod?

Waterproof inspection fixture for automobile control rod

This time we want to test the product is the car control lever, customer requirements areIP67Waterproof test。 According to the characteristics of test products and customer requirements, Harris technology has selected the following equipment and methods for customers:

Equipment used: HarrisHNEmbedded waterproof test equipment

Test method: indirect test method, make a profiling mold for the product, inflate (pressure)15KPA)Go to the inside of the mold and test the product for leakage after pressure maintaining test

HarrisHNEmbedded waterproof test equipment

This testThe test is divided into three steps, the intake time is20SThe voltage stabilizing time is30SThe test time is10SBecause the product is very large, it takes one minute to test a product. Test pressure up to15KPAThe leakage value should not exceed50PA The product is qualified

Waterproof testing equipment for automobile control rod

Harris TechnologyHNEmbedded waterproof test equipmentThe intimate function has been recognized by customers and has been put into production testing.

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