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How to do the automobile shark fin waterproof test

With the development of the times and the upgrading of automobile brands, people choose to buy vehicles, not only focusing on the use performance and handling performance of the car, but also considering the appearance and personality of the car. In the market, there are many cars with a car roof"Shark fin"What's the use of this shark fin?Shark fins in carsyesIt can intercept transmission on demand, release vehicle static electricity, improve vehicle signal, disturb current and so on.

Product to be tested: Automobile shark fin

At present, shark fins used in cars are all glued with waterproof adhesive. Although they are waterproof, they should not be over cleaned when cleaning cars. In case of rainstorm, shark fins may leak. How to batch test the waterproof performance of shark fins on cars has become a big problem for manufacturersDual channelHCAir tightness detectorFor the majority of customers to solve this problem.

Automobile shark fin waterproof inspection fixture

Customers need to test the sealing performance of shark fins, so that shark fins can reach the standardIP67OfWaterproof gradeWe use the following equipment and methods for our customers:

Equipment used: Harris dual channelHCAir tightness detector

Test method: the product is directly inflatedThe test pressure is 15KPA

Shark fin double position sealing test equipment

In order to improve the detection efficiency of customers, Harris technology adopts desktop dual transparent instrument and tooling, which can detect at the same time2A product,It is not only efficient, but also cost-effective.

Automobile sealing test equipment

Due to the increasing demand for waterproofing and the development of mechanical automation, the air tightness tester also needs to develop in the direction of automation if it wants to get better development. The automatic air tightness tester provides the guarantee of speed, releases the human resources, and provides the guarantee of speed and cost for the waterproof and air tightness detection of enterprises.

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