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Principle and test method of waterproof tester for commercial vehicle tire pressure detector

The commercial vehicle tire pressure detector is generally installed on the tire. The tire pressure and temperature are measured by the internal detection sensor and sent to the receiver through wireless mode. This method has high measurement accuracy and can prompt the gas shortage information in the most timely manner. The commercial vehicle tire pressure detector can let the driver know the running condition of the tire in real time and avoid the sound of tire burst accident. For the external tire pressure detector, it needs to be completely sealed and can reach IP67 waterproof level. If the external TPD is not waterproof, water entering the inside of the TPD will directly damage the sensor. In this way, once the car tire is abnormal, the driver has no way to know in time, which is easy to cause traffic accidents. This time, Harris technology introduces the commercial vehicle tire pressure detectorWaterproof test equipmentThe principle and practical method of this paper.


Figure: air tightness testing equipment of commercial vehicle tire pressure detector

The sealing detection principle of automobile tire pressure detector is based on the pressure attenuation. Pressure attenuation method, that is to say, to pressurize a product to see the change of gas pressure. There are two situations. One is that the product has air filling holes. We will directly inflate and pressurize the product, then cut off the gas source and observe the change of gas pressure. If the pressure drops, it means that the product leaks and does not drop. The second is that the product does not have air filling holes. We need to make a sealed cavity, which is the same size as the shape and specification of the product, that is, a grinding tool, to fit the product as much as possible, because the test results are more accurate. Then we pressurize the gas, and the gas will fill the space between the product and the grinding tool, and then cut off the gas source, Check whether the gas pressure has dropped. If there is, it will leak, and the gas will leak into the product. If there is no drop, it is good.

气密性检测产品-商用车胎压 海瑞思科技

Test product: commercial vehicle tire pressure detector

The tire pressure detector in this test is completely sealed without any air filling hole. We need to make a mold for the product, put the tire pressure detector to be tested in the mold, inflate the inside of the mold, and observe the change of the air pressure inside the mold from our instrument, so as to judge whether the test product is qualified or unqualified. The test accuracy of Harris air tightness detector can reach 1pA, and the leakage that we can't observe with naked eyes will be reflected in our instrument.

Details of air tightness test 海瑞思科技


The waterproof grade tested by customers is IP68, and IP68 is the highest waterproof grade. It can easily deal with the rain, water and other problems in the process of using the tire pressure. According to the test requirements of customers, the test pressure of the product is 200KPa, the upper limit of leakage is 0.1kpa, the intake time is 5S, and the test time is 10s. According to the test requirements, a qualified product, the test pressure can reach 200KPa, the leakage value is not higher than 0.1kpa, at the same time to meet these two conditions, our air tightness detector will automatically determine the product is qualified, otherwise it means that the product has leakage, determined as unqualified, and the instrument will sound a beep to remind the operator. The operation of Harris air tightness tester is simple. It only needs to set the program according to the customer's test requirements. If the customer has no test data, it can set the test value that can detect the customer's product according to the customer's product.

海瑞思科技-气密性检测仪Harris technology has done a lot of air tightness tests on auto parts, transmissions, sedans, wheels and new energy batteries. In the aspect of waterproof detection of auto parts, there are rich cases and mature technology. If you are interested in the sealing test of auto parts, please call Harris technology to provide you with a free air tightness detection scheme.

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