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Example sharing of using air tightness detector to detect vehicle controller

As the "bridge" of communication with the outside world, the existing vehicle controller is generally equipped with one or more connectors on its shell to cooperate with the connector of transmission line, so as to realize the connection between vehicle electronic equipment and other electronic devices. In order to ensure its normal and stable operation in special weather (such as rainy and humid weather), its air tightness and water resistance are very important. Therefore, air tightness test will be carried out in the process of production and assembly. Harris technology has also conducted in-depth research on the sealing test of automobile controller, and has developed an intelligent sealing tester and put it into production, The following are the test cases:


Air tightness detector for automobile controller

1、 Testing difficulties of automobile controller

1. The shape of the vehicle controller is irregular. In order to ensure normal use, the shape of the controller is designed to be upward circular protrusion, with a hollow protrusion in the middle for convenient connection;


Vehicle controller

2. There is a trapezoidal groove at the bottom of the controller, which is unfavorable to the detection, and it is easy to produce the detection result deviation due to air leakage.

2、 Breakthrough of air tightness test for automobile controller

In the face of such a situation, Harris technology specially uses a special mold. There is an air outlet connecting the instrument tube in the middle of the mold. The car controller is stuck into the mold. At the beginning of the test, the upper and lower molds will be closed to form a closed test space. There is an air inlet connecting the bottom of the mold and the instrument tube, and the gas will be directly filled into the product during the test, It is beneficial to direct detection.


Air tightness test of automobile controller

At this time, after the tooling connected with the mold is started, a certain volume of gas is injected into the vehicle controller through the air source. When the air pressure is detected, the air supply is automatically cut off and the pressure is stabilized. The airtightness detection system of Harris technology will monitor the air pressure in the mold to determine the tightness by the leakage.

In the detection, the inflation port at the bottom of the mold is connected with the pipe to inflate into the interior of the automobile controller. If the automobile controller is not sealed, there will be air leakage. At this time, the leakage value in the instrument will display more and more data, and the pressure value will drop. At this time, it can determine whether the vehicle controller is leaking, and the instrument test results will also show ng, which means that the air tightness test does not pass. If the tested vehicle controller does not leak, the gas in the tooling die will be in a constant state after inflation, the pressure value and leakage value displayed on the instrument are also stable, and the test result of the instrument will display "OK", indicating that the air tightness test has passed.

3、 Parameter table of automobile controller air tightness tester


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