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Testing method of water tightness of inlet valve of washing machine

Washing machine is a necessary household appliance in modern families. As a washing appliance, it needs to be in contact with water for a long time. Therefore, some parts of the washing machine need to be waterproof. One of the most important parts is the inlet valve of washing machine.

The water inlet valve is the place where the water enters the washing machine. If the water inlet valve leaks, the water will flow to the inside of the washing machine, causing power failure or other damage. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out waterproof detection on the water inlet valve of the washing machineAir tightness test)。

Today, Harris will share with you how to test the tightness of the water inlet valve of the washing machine and how to test the air tightness of the washing machine parts.

The following figure is our product for the sealing test this time. From the appearance of the product, we can see that there are holes at both ends of the water inlet valve of the washing machine, which are the water inlet hole and the water outlet hole. Because the product has holes, we can seal one end of the water inlet valve with silica gel and make the other end of the water inlet valve into an air inlet to realize the direct test of the product. This kind of compressed air directly filled into the test product for air tightness test is called direct test. For the test product without any inflation port, the sealing test can also be carried out. Generally, a profiling mold is made according to the test product. Hyris air tightness tester comes with two pressure forms and eight basic test methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet different test requirements of customers.


Because the inlet valve is to be used in a harsh environment, the test pressure required by the customer is 800kpa, the intake time is 5S, the pressure stabilization time is 10s, and the test time is 10s. According to the test pressure of customers, the corresponding waterproof grade is equivalent to IP68 waterproof grade. The so-called IP68 waterproof grade, refers to the complete prevention of dust into, and under a certain pressure can be a long time immersion.

According to the product and customer requirements, after setting the test procedure, the corresponding air source and power supply can be connected. The air tightness tester and test tooling need to be connected with the factory air source (the air source pressure range is 0.4mpa-0.8mpa) to test the waterproof of the water inlet valve of the washing machine. The following figure is the details of our company's test on the water inlet valve of the washing machine.


Harris technology is the earliest research and development and production company in ChinaAir tightness testing equipmentOne of the manufacturers, the company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, the capital of innovation. After more than ten years of development, Harris air tightness tester has been used in more than 1000 factories. The instruments are also sold at home and abroad. If you are interested in our waterproof testing equipment, please call Harris technology.

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