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Electric toothbrush waterproof and air tightness test / electric toothbrush sealing test case sharing

Toothbrush is an essential thing in our life. Every day we use toothbrush to clean the dirt on our teeth. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, electric toothbrush has become a hot new product, and the waterproof and air tightness tester of electric toothbrush has also become the role pursued by various businesses; It is reported that the electric toothbrush must have a certain waterproof ability, and the waterproof ability is also an important indicator to determine its service life. Generally, the waterproof performance of electric toothbrush should meet the requirements of IP66, IP67 or even higher;

mention电动牙刷的气密性检测/Sealing test has to start from the waterproof structure of electric toothbrush. this paperHarris TechnologyBriefly introduce the importance of waterproof test of electric toothbrush andScheme of waterproof test for electric toothbrush电动牙刷防水测试的检测方法

Traditional detection principle

When it comes to waterproof detection, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional water immersion detection. As the shell of the electric toothbrush is opaque, it needs to be opened to check its performance after soaking in water, and then it needs to be reassembled in good condition. Employees may also make mistakes in the assembly, thus losing the waterproof function. Cumbersome procedures lead to inefficiency.

海瑞思科技Always committed to电动牙刷气密性检测仪We have done a lot of tests on air tightness and waterproof grade of electric toothbrush, and accumulated rich technical experience. Using compressed air instead of water inspection; Through the gas attenuation method, pressure drop way to detect whether water leakage.

The detection steps of electric tooth waterproof are as follows:

Whether it is IP66 waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test, or higher waterproof test, the steps are similar, but the parameter settings are different;

1、 When using the waterproof detector for testing, it is necessary to make a set of sealing mold according to the appearance characteristics of the product

2、 Fix and seal the electric toothbrush to form the detection end mentioned above

3、 Set the corresponding parameters, such as inflation time, inflation pressure, test time, test pressure and so on.

4、 Put the electric toothbrush in the closed tooling, start the waterproof detector to test, and find out the maximum allowable leakage value (within the allowable range) of the electric toothbrush

5、 If there are no other problems, we can test the waterproof and air tightness of electric toothbrush in batches

If you want to know more about电动牙刷防水测试的方案And electric toothbrush air tightness test operation video customers, can contact海瑞思科技Official website online customers, we will serve you 24 hours.
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