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Example sharing of using air tightness detector to detect audio double station

As a broadcasting equipment, the air tightness of audio is very high. The air tightness test of the sound is helpful to prevent the sound quality from being distorted or even scrapped. Previously, we have shared several air tightness test cases for different types of sound. This time, the sound that needs to be tested is different from the models we have shared in the past. This time, we will introduce the multi station customized air tightness tester. The following is the air tightness test case of the sound.

Double position air tightness detector for sound

1、 Analysis on the difficulties of sound appearance display and detection

1. This pair of stereo is a common style on the market. It is a cylinder as a whole. The sound area on the front is concave in circumference, and the middle is flush with the front of the stereo. In the middle of the stereo body is a switch area composed of several twists, and the outside is wrapped with black waterproof shell material;

Test cases

2. The special structure of the sound system makes it difficult to test its sealing performance. In the early design and production process, the shell of the sound system will be treated specially, and the sound system has many closed sound producing holes, so it is impossible to test it directly;

2、 Breakthrough of acoustic tightness testing difficulties and demonstration of testing process

1. Through the observation of the sound, we can see that there are several small air holes right above the sound. The concave circle of the sound area is a layer of sound film, which can be fixed by pressing the upper part of the mold to fill gas into the interior;

Air tightness test of sound system

Details of double station air tightness test for audio

2. According to the shape of the sound, Harris technology uses a dual position air tightness detector which integrates the detector and tooling. The tooling has a special mold for holding the sound. This mold is customized according to the area of the sound. After it is put in, it is just jammed. During the detection, the upper mold is stuck above the sound and inflates into the interior of the sound, In this way, the air tightness of the sound can be judged by the air pressure inside the sound;

Demonstration of double position air tightness testing process of audio

3. When the instrument is started, the instrument will inflate into the interior of the sound through the upper appliance, and the air pressure of the instrument will rise slowly. When the air pressure is charged to the set value, the interior of the sound will be in a constant state. At this time, the induction line will determine the flow value to detect whether the flow of the air extraction pipe meets the standard.

3、 Parameter table of sound air tightness tester

1. High flexibility, the function can be added or deleted according to the demand.

2. It has strong expansibility and can quickly form multi-channel test, which greatly shortens the development cycle of automation.

3. The analysis and control system can use industrial control computer plus control card or embedded system to facilitate the docking and implementation of MES system.

4. The screen size supports customization, and the embedded system is equipped with 7 "customizable 10.4" 12 "15" as standard; Industrial computer mode, screen size is not limited.

5. The standard configuration adopts Harris full function valve island, positive and negative pressure forms and 8 test methods; Two pressure forms and five test methods can be written into more than 20 test functions,

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