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How about the waterproof detector? The products of Harris technology can speak

Water has always been a threatOur biggest enemy, even the waterproof watchWhen it is not used properly, there will be water inflow. In particular, outdoor games are faced with many factors, such as sweat, rain, air humidity and so on. If the waterproof, anti sweat and anti-corrosion performance of smart watch is not enough, it is easy to be corroded by sweat and rain, which will affect the use effect and service life of the product.Today, let's learn how to test the waterproof performance of sports smart watch with Harris technology.

Hiris technology has been focusing on air tightness testing equipment for more than ten years,at presentstayMobile phone, watch, cameraAnd other electronic products,So detection technologyYes, very muchmatureIn this test, the customer required that the waterproof level of the sports smart watch reachIP67Hiris technology uses the following equipment and methods to achieve results for customers.

Equipment used:HCClassic series waterproof detector

Test method: through the design of profiling mold, indirect test products

The development of Harris TechnologyHCClassic series waterproof detectorIt overcomes the external interference and realizes the test of sports smart watch. The test result is intuitive and has high cost performance. It is an ideal equipment for many waterproof tests.

Our products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many regions have achieved very good reputation in all walks of life.The air tightness testing equipment of Harris technology has been serialized and standardized. It is a sharp tool for machinery, electronics, medical devices, audio, security and other industries to improve product quality.

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