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Application of electronic price tag air tightness testing equipment and test parameter sharing

Under the influence of the new retail, electronic price tag has been applied on a large scale. Electronic price tag mainly appears in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, 3C stores and other retail scenarios with a large number of commodity styles, different price types and high frequency of price change.

Electronic price tag is a kind of electronic display device which can replace paper price tag, and its most basic function is the display of commodity price information. However, a good set of electronic price tags is not only the price information display of goods, but also the waterproof function of electronic price tags used in special areas.


For example, the electronic price tag placed in the freezing area of the supermarket needs to be exposed to the air conditioner for a long time. The electronic price tag here needs to have the waterproof function, otherwise the electronic price tag is easy to be damaged due to the invasion of water vapor. In the fresh area of the supermarket, live fish, shrimp and other seafood products are usually raised in water, and sometimes the electronic price tag falls into the water. When the waterproof grade of the electronic price tag reaches IP67, it will not cause harmful effects if it is soaked in 1m deep water for a short time. Therefore, the waterproof grade of the electronic price tag used in the fresh area is best to reach IP67.


The electronic price tag made by Harris for customers this timeAir tightness testing equipmentThe waterproof grade of the test is IP67. Even if the electronic price tag falls into the water, it can be picked up and dried, which will not affect the use of the electronic price tag.

It can be seen from the appearance of the product that there is no inflation port for the product tested this time. A mold needs to be made according to the shape of the product. By inflating the mold, the change of air pressure inside the mold can be detected, so as to judge whether the product in the mold has leakage. This method of testing the air tightness of products by mould is called indirect test


Hermes air tightness testing equipment is divided into air tightness tester and fixture. The fixture is mainly used to assist in air tightness testing, and its main function is to play the role of sealing products. For the test object with its own inflation port, it can be directly detected through the quick maturing joint, and there is no need to make fixtures for the test.

After making a good sealing fixture for the product, the air tightness tester and fixture can be connected through the factory air source to start the air tightness test. For different products, the air tightness test data are also different. The IP67 waterproof test parameters of this electronic price tag are as follows: air inlet time 5S, test time 5S, voltage stabilization time 5S. The complete air tightness test process of a product is 15s, This is a single station air tightness testing equipment. If you want to test more efficiently, Harris can also customize double station, three station and multi station non-standard air tightness testing equipment for customers. Because the waterproof grade of the tested product is IP67, the test pressure we use is 10KPA, the lower limit of air intake is 9.5kpa, and the upper limit of leakage is 0.05kpa. Only when the air intake pressure of a test product reaches above 9.5kpa and the leakage value does not exceed 0.05kpa, can the instrument judge the product as qualified, otherwise the product will not reach the IP67 waterproof standard, and the instrument will judge it as unqualified.

电子价签Air tightness test设备-海瑞思科技

The electronic price tag for you to share气密性检测, which belongs to electronic communication products. For electronic communication products, our company has done the most waterproof test equipment, and the technology is also the most mature. If your products need to be waterproof, please call Harris technology to bring your products to our company for air tightness test.

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