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Demonstration of the sealing test process of smart Watch

As for the tightness detection of smart watch, we have mentioned earlier. Because of its special structure, it needs professional detection to support the security of smart watch. For manufacturers, its high tightness is conducive to production safety. For consumers, the good tightness of smart watch is conducive to ensuring its accuracy in use. In addition to the conventional tightness detection, the normal use of smart watch in deep water has become a more and more concerned problem, and the detection technology of smart watch in 50 meters underwater is becoming more and more mature.

(tightness tester for smart watch)

Recently, Harris technology has made great achievements in the research on the deep-water tightness test of smart watches. This time, we will analyze the deep-water tightness test of smart watches.

1、 Difficulties of smart watch detection

1. The precision of smart watch is high, and its waterproof performance should be considered during production. Therefore, the appearance of smart watch is firm, and there is usually no obvious gap. When testing, it still needs to be customized according to its appearance condition;

(smart watch)

2. The test is carried out to simulate the sealing condition of the smart watch under 50 meters of water, so in the test, the instrument needs to output a certain pressure value of gas for testing, and also needs to take into account the nondestructive testing.

twoDisplay of tightness test process of smart Watch

1. Due to the high precision of smart watch, indirect detection will be adopted this time. First of all, Harris technology will customize a special mold according to the shape of the smart watch. The smart watch will be placed in the mold to fit with the inner wall of the mold, which is more conducive to the closing of the upper mold when testing, and the docking of the next testing steps is beneficial;

(details of deep water tightness test for smart watch)

2. Whether the smart watch can be used 50 meters underwater normally must pass the sealing test of the process. Before the start of detection, certain parameters need to be set to keep the instrument stable when it is detected through the pipeline; In addition, the smart watch must be tested under the same air pressure value of 50 meters deep water; When the upper and lower molds are closed, the instrument will input clean and impurity free gas into the mold through the pipe;

(display of deep water tightness test of smart watch)

3. When the air pressure is charged to the set value, the inside of the mold will be in a constant state. At this time, the precision sensor will determine whether the gas leakage of the smart watch in this environment meets the standard. If the tightness of the smart watch is not good, the leakage value displayed on the instrument will be larger and larger, and the pressure value will drop. At this time, it can determine whether the smart watch meets the standard, and its leakage value is greater than the standard, which means that the air tightness test does not pass.

3、 Parameters of smart watch's sealing test instrument

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