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Waterproof test case display of mobile phone case

As the outer protection of mobile phone, mobile phone shell needs powerful protection functions, such as anti falling, anti abrasion, waterproof, etc,

The iPhone case, which is mainly waterproof, has higher waterproof requirements, and needs to reach IP66 waterproof level and IP67 waterproof level. As a right-hand assistant in production testing, how to achieve high-precision and efficient waterproof testing of Apple mobile phone case?

Display of waterproof detection scheme for Apple mobile phone shell

In order to ensure the accuracy of mobile phone waterproof detection, Harris technology uses compressed air as the detection medium and pressure drop as the test method to detect the waterproof of Apple mobile phone shell. The internal space of this equipment is only (1.5cc), and it is equipped with imported high sensitive pressure sensor, which provides the best environment for detection, and can ensure the stability and reliability of the test to the greatest extent.

Display of waterproof detection scheme for Apple mobile phone shell

The waterproof tester of Harris Apple mobile phone case has two pressure forms of "positive and negative" and eight basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. Using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. Built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, support a variety of communication protocols, diversified self-service operation, enhance the operability of the equipment, improve the detection efficiency.

At present, Harris Apple mobile phone shell waterproof detector has been applied to production, and has been recognized and praised by customers.

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