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Customized scheme of mobile phone headset waterproof dual station detector

The customers of the non-standard waterproof detector customized by Harris technology this time are the manufacturers of mobile phone earphones. The customers require that the waterproof detector of mobile phone earphones should have the function of dual station detection. On the one hand, the space use and labor cost investment should be reduced. On the other hand, the production plan should be increased. The customers hope to achieve the production target by improving the detection efficiency.

After understanding the needs of users, Harris immediately carried out the product planning of mobile phone headset waterproof dual station detector. First of all, we understand the characteristics and requirements of the user's mobile phone headset. What the customer needs to customize this time is the waterproof detector of the headset part, and the detection efficiency needs to be controlled within13 seconds to achieve efficient detection. Secondly, we learned that there is no suitable gas filling port in this part, so we need to cooperate with the mold to carry out the joint waterproof test.


Real shooting of the dual position waterproof detector for the mobile phone earphone of Harris Technology

Therefore, we add one detection position of the waterproof detector to double position detection, and adopt the cabinet type design to save the space occupied by the equipment. The reasonable position spacing makes the operator more handy, and realizes the function of one machine and two inspections. Only one operator can realize the detection, which greatly reduces the investment of human cost.

TheMobile phone earphone waterproof dual station detector detects the speed of earphone waterproof at5-8 seconds, greatly exceeding the detection efficiency set by the user. secondlyThe new waterproof tester uses high sensitivity sensor and pressure regulating valve, and the minimum resolution can reach 0.01pa. The waterproof tester has bar code scanning and is attachedUSBInterface, plug-in link, convenient and concise. The system has the function of history memory and memory, which is convenient to analyze the tiny internal volume of the earphone waterproof and air tightness testing equipment(1.5cc)To ensure the accuracy of the test.



Detailed display of the dual position waterproof detector for the mobile phone earphone of Harris Technology

The device realizes intelligent operation and adopts full touch intelligent operating system, which can realize multiple groups of pressure sequence test and control8There are three basic test modes, which support single selection and combination. At the same time, the remote management and real-time monitoring functions are realized to meet various complex test requirements, greatly saving the operation time, without the need for secondary detection operation.


Interface of two position waterproof detector for mobile phone earphone of Harris Technology

At present, Harris mobile phone headset waterproof detection equipment is popular in major manufacturers. This detector can not only detect the waterproof of the headset, but also apply to the air tightness and waterproof detection of camera, speaker, wire, electric toothbrush and other products.

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