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Waterproof test scheme of mobile phone case

In order to have a good waterproof performance of mobile phone, in addition to completing the waterproof work of various parts, it also needs to carry out strict waterproof test to identify whether the waterproof performance of mobile phone reaches the standard or not, and the mobile phone shell is one of the key parts of waterproof test. Next, Harris technology will provide a solution for the waterproof test of mobile phone shell for a customer based on our mobile phone waterproof test experience. The following is a summary of the solution.

1、 Waterproof technology of mobile phone case

At present, the mobile phone shell is mostly sprayed with waterproof coating and waterproof breathable film, but the service life and waterproof degree of the coating and waterproof film are not well controlled, so the main waterproof function is the structure of the mobile phone shell. It is most appropriate to make a sealed mobile phone shell to isolate the liquid from the outside of the product.

2、 Difficulties in waterproof test of mobile phone case

Difficulty 1: because the mobile phone shell is a semi-finished product, and there are many components of the mobile phone shell, such as camera, USB charging interface, speaker interface, upper and lower microphone hole, Cato and other important components are also empty, so it is difficult to test. When making the scheme, all the holes of each part should be blocked before testing. If there is a point hole that is not sealed, it will be impossible to judge where the leakage is.

Difficulty 2: it is very important to control the air pressure in place in the detection. Because if the air pressure is too high, it will cause deformation and damage of the mobile phone case.


Mobile phone case to be detected

3、 How to solve the problem of waterproof test for mobile phone shell by Harris technology?

Due to the complex structure and plate shape of the mobile phone shell, in order to achieve non-destructive testing, we use indirect testing method. First, customize the corresponding mold for the mobile phone shell and fix it on the tooling. The mold can effectively fix the plate-shaped mobile phone shell, plug the holes of its parts, and detect the air leakage easily. Before the test, put in the mobile phone shell, and fix the plate shape of the product to be tested effectively. Then start the tester, the upper and lower molds will be closed, where a sealed space will be formed inside the mold, and the external environment will be isolated, so that the internal structure of the mobile phone case will not be damaged in the detection.

Hiris technology this detector uses compressed air as the detection medium, pressure drop test method for sealing test. The internal space of this equipment is only (1.5cc), and it is equipped with imported high sensitive pressure sensor to achieve high precision detection conditions.

Because there is no air filling hole in the mobile phone case, the product needs to be wrapped by a mold, and then the product surface is inflated quantitatively through the mold. The system will strictly control the air pressure to maintain the air pressure in a certain range to avoid damaging the mobile phone case. Then cut off the gas source, use the pressure sensor of the internal instrument department to monitor the pressure change of the product after inflation, and judge the water resistance according to the pressure change.

4、 Mobile phone case waterproof tester display


5、 Testing details of mobile phone case waterproof tester


6、 Related parameters of waterproof test for mobile phone case


In addition to the waterproof tester for mobile phone shell, we have mature detection schemes and equipment for the waterproof of mobile phone, fingerprint lock, home key, microphone hole, USB interface, camera, air vent valve, waterproof and breathable film, mobile phone key, mobile phone card holder and other components.

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