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Waterproof test of automobile lamp, recognize herrens Technology

Automobile headlamp, also known as automobile headlamp, automobileLEDAs the eye of a car, daylight lamp is not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also closely related to the safe driving at night or in bad weather. With the rapid development of the global automobile market in recent years, consumers who buy automobiles have put forward higher and higher requirements for the appearance and quality of automobile lamps. There are so many at this timeCar lights have no way to meet the requirements of the car environment, there is a phenomenon of water in the lights.

Product to be tested: automobile lamp

In the manufacture of lamps, the air tightness of lamps is very important. When the driving environment is humid, if the air tightness of the lamp is not good, then the water vapor is easy to enter the interior of the lamp, it is easy to form fog in the interior of the lamp, which affects the illumination degree of the lamp, and it is easy to cause traffic accidents, and when the water vapor enters the interior of the lamp, it is easy to damage the circuit components inside the lampBroken, damaged car lights, reduce the service life of car lights.

Automobile turn signal and position air tightness testing equipment

At present, the airtight and waterproof testing equipment is usually used to test the air tightness of lamps. First of all, Harris technology customized special mold for automobile lamps, so as to test the air tightness. The mold is divided into upper mold and lower mold, which can provide a sealed test environment for the sealing test after they are closed. In the test, it also plays the role of protecting the lamp and preventing the lamp from scratching.

Multi function air tightness testing equipment for rear combined lamp assembly

Before start-up, set the detection parameters, inflate the mold indirectly, and let the instrument charge a certain amount of gas into the mold. The gas will have a pressure stabilizing process in the mold. At this time, a certain pressure will be formed on the periphery of the product. The pressure is monitored by a precision pressure sensor, and then the leakage value of the gas can be obtained after a series of calculations, According to the leakage value, the air tightness and leakage of automobile lamps are detectedIPWaterproof grade.

Air tightness test equipment for side turn signal lamp

At present, the requirements of lamp industry are higher and higher, and more customers require lamps to meet a certain waterproof level. The traditional water inspection has been completely unable to adapt to the current mass production testing. As the most cost-effective air tightness testing instrument, the air tightness tester is suitable for mass testing.

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