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Hiris automobile controller waterproof detection, industry leading air tightness waterproof detection technology

Vehicle controller, the brain of electric vehicle, is equivalent to windows of computer and Android of mobile phone. As the operation platform of all electric vehicles, its performance directly affects the play of other electrical performance, and is one of the decisive factors of vehicle performance.

Product to be tested: vehicle controller

Because the use of the car scene is in the outdoor, so the waterproof performance of the car controller must pass, otherwise, rain or other bad weather will cause serious consequences to the car.

Waterproof test mold for vehicle controller

According to the requirements of customers, this time we need to test the IP67 waterproof level of the vehicle controller. Therefore, Harris technology has used the following equipment and test scheme for it:

Equipment used: Hermes HC classic series air tightness testing equipment

Test plan: adopt direct test mode, test pressure 10KPA, inflation time 30s, pressure stabilization time 30s, test time 30s, upper limit of leakage value 0.01kpa. According to the structure of the vehicle controller, the test fixture is designed, and the conveying tooling is customized according to the customer's requirements, so as to facilitate the customer to cooperate with the assembly line. Start the equipment, put the vehicle controller on the right conveyor belt of the tooling according to the requirements, and after the code scanning, the conveyor belt will transport the vehicle controller to the test position for test. After the test, the product will be automatically transported to the left side. During the test, the product to be tested can be put on the right conveyor belt in advance, and after the product to be tested on the left side is removed from the conveyor belt, To test the next product.

Test parameters of airtight waterproof testing equipment

Using the classic series airtightness testing equipment of hiris HC to test the waterproof of vehicle controller, which improves the waterproof testing efficiency and accuracy of vehicle controller, and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

High precision sealing test system

The air tightness test equipment of vehicle controller has been gradually popularized in the market. The vehicle controller directly affects the safety of the vehicle. The airtightness test equipment of Harris has also been widely used, and Harris technology will continue to upgrade the equipment to meet the needs of more customers.

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