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We have confirmed that this is the air tightness and waterproof detection equipment needed by the car camera industry

Car cameraThe function of real-time video and audio presentation provides us with a more scientific basis for traffic accident handling and positioning, so that our property and people can be protectedbodySafety has been fully guaranteed. However, the existing car camera is easy to water, which affects the performance stability and service life of car camera.

Product to be tested: Car Camera

Waterproof performance is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of camera. Generally speaking, car camerasOur products are basically waterproof to avoid being eroded by rain and ensure their normal performance.With the characteristics of wide application and low cost, car camera will become the most widely used sensor in the future automotive intelligence. InvolvingTherefore, for the safety of car ownersWaterproof test must be done for important devices before leaving factory.

Waterproof inspection fixture for vehicle camera

Current mainstreamvehicleThe camera is sealed with a sealing ring by tightening the screw or by ultrasonic welding.But how can this method detect whether it is really waterproof? It is necessary to use our airtight and waterproof testing equipment to test the car camera.

Waterproof inspection fixture for vehicle camera

Hermes air tightness testing equipment uses compressed air as the testing equipment, so for all the equipmentTest products will consider whether there is an inflation port. For the products with inflation port, the direct test method of direct inflation can be used. For the product without air filling port, it is necessary to make a mold for the product according to the shape of the product, place the product in the mold, and fill the mold with a certain pressure of test gas to simulate the state of the product in water. Through our pressure sensor and display screen, we can observe the change of gas pressure in the mold in real time to judge whether the product is leakingIn order to judge whether the product is waterproof

Hermes high precision sealing test equipment

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of Harris TechnologyCan be effectiveWhether the car camera is waterproof is detected,It improves the reliability of the car camera, prolongs the service life of the car camera, andThe operation is simple,It is easy to use and practical.

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