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HW real water detector is the best choice for watch waterproof and breathable film industry

Watch waterproof is now a consideration for many people to buy watches, waterproof watches in daily life can avoid a lot of trouble. With the development of technology, mobile intelligent electronic products are more and more favored by consumersTWSA large number of products such as earphones are on the market, accompanied by users in and out of various venues. Therefore, the requirements for waterproof and antifouling of these products are also higher and higher. They should not only play a protective role, but also not strike even if they are accidentally "baptized" by liquid.

Waterproof and breathable membraneTherefore, the manufacturers should strengthen the regular detection of waterproof and breathable membrane.

At present, there are many kinds of testing methods for waterproof and breathable membrane, and Harris technology adopts a new testing method. Before Harris, watch, mobile phoneTWSheadsetIn order to help the boss of waterproof and breathable film industry solve the problem, hiris technology has developed the first waterproof and breathable filmA special instrument for real water test of waterproof and breathable film& mdash;& amp; mdash;HWReal water tester.

HarrisHWThe real water tester uses the automatic real water detector to push the real water to act on the waterproof and breathable film of the meter hole and balance hole of the watch. After the specified test time, the instrument detects whether there are water drops in the closed cavity. If there are no water drops, it means that there is no water vapor in the test area. If there are water drops, the water drops will be converted into water vapor, and the amount of water vapor in the closed cavity will be detected. There is a very obvious change compared with no water vapor in the closed cavity.

adoptHarris TechnologyOfHWTrue water testMethod detectionWrist watchWhen the waterproof performance of the waterproof and breathable film is improved, the influence caused by water flow impact in the prior art is avoided,It is qualitatively different from the methods of adding water drops on the waterproof and breathable membrane to detect air tightness,The accuracy of detection is improved.

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