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It's worth seeing! Case sharing of airtight waterproof test watch middle frame

With people's attention to health, outdoor watch has become a must for business. In the field of intelligent wearable, after so many years of iterative optimization, the original image of chicken ribs should have been abandoned. Intelligence and practicality are the most competitive.

Product to be tested: middle frame of watch

People's demand for smart watches is growingAt the same time, the problem comes。 It is inevitable to wash hands when wearing a watch or in rainy days. If the smart watch is flooded, it is easy to cause equipment damage. Among them, the watch frame waterproof is more important. Today, Hercules technology is sharing a case of air tightness and waterproof detection of the middle frame of a watch.

Double station desktop tooling

In this case, the waterproof grade of the smart watch isIP68Based on this level, you canPrevent playing, bathing and swimming in daily lifeAnd so onThe problem of water in the middle frame of the watch is caused by the water in the middle frame of the watchHiris technology has adopted the following detection equipment and scheme for the middle frame of the watch:

Equipment: hermetic tester of classic series+Double station desktop tooling

Test plan: direct test method: according to the structure of the middle frame of the watch, customize the mold, put the back cover of the watch into the mold, press the start key on the instrument, then press the mold down to block the back cover of the watch, the instrument enters the test program, and use the-17KPAInflate the hand gauge cover with the same pressure10S, voltage stabilization10S, testing5S, leakage value0.03KPA;Reuse500KPAHigh pressure to inflate the middle frame of the watch10S, voltage stabilization10S, testing5SLeakage value0.06KPA。 According to the set parameters to measure the air pressure changes in the product cavity to determine the waterproof of the watch frame. For the products that exceed the upper limit of leakage value or fail to reach the test pressure, the series will be judged automaticallyNG

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

Function of using negative pressure and high pressure combination test: due to the particularity of watches, if high pressure is directly used for testing, some products with leakage may be pressed together because of high pressure, so that the leakage part can not be detected, and the quality of products will be reduced. Therefore, we choose the test method of negative pressure first and positive pressure later. First, we use negative pressure test to detect the leaking products in time, and then use high pressure adjustment to test, so as to ensure that the waterproof standard of the watch can meet the requirements of customers.

Hermes classic series air tightness detector+Double station desktop tooling

as well asIn order to ensure the quantity of the tested products and the quality of the products, it is more appropriate to choose the airtight and waterproof testing equipment of Harris technology. Harris technology was founded10Over the years, we have been specializing in the air tightness and waterproof detection of electronics, security, mobile phones, speakers, watches, automobiles and other industries, and have achieved excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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