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Hermetic waterproof testing equipment is the key to improve the waterproof performance of mobile phone

Due to the rapid development of sports watch, watch waterproof has become very common. Watch in useIf it is not waterproof, internal parts or circuit boards will be eroded by water, so its service life will not be high. In addition, small impurities will also enterWrist watchInternal, affecting its normal operation.

Product to be tested: watch machine

thereforeNow many watches have waterproof function, to maintain the waterproof function of the watch to have the correct wearing habits. And regularly check the watch waterproof. The waterproof performance of the waterproof watch mainly depends on the watch mirror, back cover, waterproof glue and waterA line of watch。 During the waterproof test, the parts of these parts are mainly tested to see if there is any gap leading to the watch water.

Watch middle frame mold

The traditional watch waterproof detection is generallySealed by rubber gasket. The life of the watch is determined by the sealing performance. If the sealing is not good, water will enter the watch. If the internal parts are in contact with the air for a long time, it will lead to the corrosion and damage of the main parts.This traditional detection method has low detection efficiency, and the detection results are also affected by the subjective phenomenon, which is not accurate.

Watch air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Sealing and waterproof performance of watchHow does Harris do it? An airtight waterproof detection equipment can solve the problem, HarrisUse compressed air for air tightness test. Compressed air as a colorless and tasteless air, because the air molecules are smaller than water molecules, so its detection accuracy of product leakage is higher. At the same time, the compressed air will not cause secondary damage to the test products, especially some watch electronic products, and the electronic components will suffer irreparable damage when they encounter water. Therefore, the air tightness detector is more effective than the traditional leak detection methodmoreMany advantages.

HarrisHCClassic series air tightness tester

Hermes Technology specializes in air tightness testing13In, after more than ten years of deliberation, Harris has won the trust and support of the market, and has cooperated with many leading enterprises in the watch industry to make one-stop waterproof testing equipment for customers' products. At the same time, the strong cooperation has further established the unshakable position of Harris in the air tightness testing industry.

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