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Accurate detection, one step faster! Airtightness and waterproof test of smart watch selects herrens Technology

along withWearable With the rapid development of equipment market,Nowadays, smart wearable devices are more and more close to people's life. There are a lot of sports people in all kinds of squares. If you observe carefully, you will find that people wearing different devices are active. Among them, smart watches are no longer new.For smart watches and smart bracelets, waterproof is a very important function: in addition to washing hands and taking a bath, the excellent waterproof ability can also make it suitable for swimming, diving and other professional sports.

Smart watch back cover charging contact

A smart watch generally includes an upper cover and a lower shell. After the upper cover and the lower shell are fixed, the shell of the smart watch is formed to protect the electrical components in the shell,The back cover of smart watch needs to be waterproof. The current waterproof technology isThe joints of the upper cover and the lower shell are bonded and fixed by the dispensing process to form a sealed shell. This kind of waterproof structure is difficult to assemble and has high cost. It needs professional equipment for dispensing. After dispensing, it needs to manually erase the overflow. The labor cost is high and the work efficiency is low. Moreover, the maintainability of the smart watch after dispensing is poor, and it is almost impossible to repair.

Air tightness test mould for rear shell

Hiris technology has done a lot of hard work in the waterproof detection of smart watches, and general smart watches need to meet the requirementsIP68The following testing equipment and testing scheme are used for the waterproof grade

Equipment used: airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

Test plan: direct test method, using high and low pressure two kinds of procedures for testing, according to the structure of the watch back customized mold, put the watch back into the mold, press the start button on the instrument, then press the mold down to block the watch back, the instrument into the test program, first use low pressure17KPAInflate the hand cover5S, voltage stabilization8S, testing3S, leakage value0.03KPA;Reuse500KPAThe watch's back cover is inflated with high pressure8, voltage stabilization8S, testing5SLeakage value0.06KPA。 According to the set parameters to measure the change of air pressure in the product cavity to determine whether the charging contact of the watch back cover is waterproof. For the products that exceed the upper limit of leakage value or fail to reach the test pressure, the series will be judged automaticallyOK/NG

Air tightness test mould for rear shell

So what is the role of using high and low voltage combination test? Heres technology is here to answer for you.

Function of using high and low pressure combination test: due to the particularity of smart watch, if high pressure is directly used for test, some products with leakage may be pressed because of high pressure, so that the leakage part can not be detected and the product quality will be reduced. And only low-voltage testing, and not up to customer standards. First, use low pressure to test, and find the leaking products in time, then use high pressure to test, so as to ensure that the waterproof standard of the watch can meet the requirements of customers.

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

The device completely subverts our view on the waterproof detection of traditional products. It is believed that in the near future, Hermes air tightness and waterproof detection equipment will completely replace the traditional detection methods and become the main force of air tightness and waterproof detection of intelligent wearable devices.

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