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Hiris Technology specializes in air tightness and waterproof test for all kinds of new energy electric vehicle accessories

In recent years, due to the trend of the times, automobile brands are gradually moving towards the road of developing environment-friendly vehicles and green travel. Under this premise, new energy vehicles are gradually developed. From the beginning of not recognized, to now become the first choice of many people, should also prove that the new energy vehicle has achieved its success.

As we all know, electric vehicles are driven by high-voltage power batteries and electric motors. However, water is conductive in nature. In addition, rainwater contains a large number of ionizable impurities, which means that the conductivity of rainwater is stronger. If the high-voltage current in the battery leaks out, isn't the personal safety of car owners facing many hidden dangers?

In fact, the wading ability of new energy vehicles is far greater than that of traditional vehicles. Because the power generation process of electric vehicles does not involve internal combustion engines and air, the problem of water entering into the exhaust and air inlet of traditional vehicles is eliminated. At the same time, in fact, car manufacturers have already included this into their consideration, adding a lot of waterproof design in the conception and measurement.And in the factory will also be on the new energy vehicle parts waterproof test.

Generally speaking, the process of airtightness and waterproof test by Harris technology is as follows:Connect the air tightness test fixture and Harris air tightness tester through the air source, and connect the instrument to the power supply. According to customer requirements and product characteristics, set the corresponding test parameters. Put in a product that we have made in advance, and test whether the result is correctOKThen put in a product with small leakage, and test whether the result is a defective product. This step is the verification phase.

If the product test results are consistent with the actual situation of the product, we can start to test the sealing performance of other products. After product testing, our leak detection system automatically distinguishes between good and bad products. And ourinstrumentScanners can be added to track the number of defective products and pave the way for the next step of quality tracking.

Hiris technology has tested the waterproof performance of many new energy auto parts. Such as car charging gun, car charging plug, car charging pile, charging plug, car controller, etc,According to your test products can do non-standard waterproof test equipment.10Over the years, herrense has been doing free product testing programs for our customers as always. Herrense's products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many countries have achieved excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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